Happiness. It creates an awful feeling in my heart when I see that the essence of human life has been constricted to just a single word. Are you happy? When was the last time you found yourself happy? These are the senseless questions I find myself surrounded with. We live to die or die to live, nobody actually knows. But, this growing discussion about happiness makes me lose my patience. We have made a myriad of milestones in our lives. The state of happiness can only be reached when you reach these milestones. Human nature has become so complex that we need to find ‘reasons’ for being ecstatic. Really? What is the reason of a child’s happiness; he has not cleared his UPSC exam or has not got a 10 million package. Well, the detractors will not leave this point as it is. For, they have a better argument-Children do not have responsibilities. Quite apt, so, one having responsibilities cannot be content or joyous. My counter question must now involve another contentious aspect of human life, i.e. God. Our mighty creator must be having a multitude of responsibilities, then why every now and then, we beg him to grant us happiness?

We still perceive “spirituality” as an escape from the hard realities of mortal life. Being spiritual has lately become a phenomenon which is often associated with old age. May be what I am talking about is a reflection of the metropolitan spirituality. Because nobody has ever seen a farmer or artisan talking of meditation and yoga. Well, that is again a profound question in itself.


Understanding of the basic truth-Days of our life are numbered, has become crucial. The final slumber will never wait for your goals to get fulfilled, it will never bother to peep into your life to examine whether you have lived your life to the fullest or just followed the same old ‘mile stone theory’.  It will take you to a new abode or not, is another point for controversy, for; many monotheistic religions discard the theory of “life cycle and rebirth”.


Though nobody has ever asked me for this only free commodity but I think it is much needed at this point of time. Yeah, you got it right, I am talking about advice. Stop perceiving life as a barter system, being happy in lieu of achieving.  Stop reading quotes on happiness, because it will strengthen your faith in this ridiculous barter system. Being happy is neither a duty nor a right. In the truest of the true sense, Happiness, just like meditation, is the only ‘nothing’.