क्योंकि तारीख़ों से इतर, इतिहास और भी हैं…!!


know about us-


  1. IMG-20160126-WA0005
    Rohit Rawat

    Rohit Rawat- no one knows it better than him. graduate from MCRPV , then M.A. in political science from DU, now M.A. in history from DU. combine all this knowledge and peppered with his trademark rhetoric style, Rohit Rawat present before you a blog you just can’t resist let alone refuse, to read. In his own words, his aim is to- खुद से इतर देखने की कोशिश है………….

Santosh Kumar

2. Santosh Kumar- हम इतिहास केवल पढ़ते नहीं, इतिहास को जीते भी है. कोशिश है हमारी वो फासला मिटाने की जो academic और popular हिस्ट्री के बीच एक खाई बनकर खड़ी है. multi talented and multifaceted, i am capable of getting under the skin of all sorts of  creative endeavors.

Priyanka Kaushik


3. Priyanka Kaushik- M.A. previous year student. an active comrade, a hand always for work. dark horse of the group, who can stun you, surprise you, astonish you, mesmerize you by her intelligence and commitment to work. she believes in the motto- “कलम चलेगी तो, विमर्श पैदा होंगे ही ”

Chitranshi Srivastava

4. Chitranshi Srivastava- epitome of good literature, literary beauty personified. multi-talented genius, share love for rhetoric with Rohit. she hope to do something new with this blog because- “तारीखों से इतर, इतिहास और भी है ”


Karil Soral

5. Karil Soral-

‘Literature provokes’, I read it somewhere and starting my attempts to ‘provoke’. A student of MA History from Delhi University and I don’t have any titles or descriptions. I do a lot of things and titles seem to limit my span.

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